Expert warns burnt toast poses serious health risks

Expert warns burnt toast poses serious health risks

It might be time to adjust your toaster...

Expert says burnt toast has major potential health risks
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It might be ludicrous to those who enjoy a lightly toasted piece of bread, but there are others who like their toast to closely resemble charcoal.

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Like tea or coffee with or without milk, there is a toast colour chart as well.

As it turns out, those who toast lightly might have some health advantages that are not associated with darker toast.

Professor Robert Thomas is a consultant oncologist at the Bedford and Addenbrookes hospitals and a teacher of Cambridge students. He also does all kinds of research when he is not busy with his patients or students.

Professor Thomas recently wrote an article in which he discusses the importance our lifestyle choices can have on our bodies and in preventing certain diseases.

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While traditional medicine has come a long way and some illnesses cannot be cured without the help of medicine, there is no doubt that our lifestyle choices also play a role in our health.

It has long been common knowledge that smoking causes serious damage to your body and that non-smokers have less risk of illnesses such as lung cancer.

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Something that Prof Thomas addresses in his article is burnt toast.

It might seem so insignificant, but according to him, eating burnt toast should be avoided at all costs:

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Even brushing your teeth can help you in the long run.

This might seem obvious but generally, you would brush your teeth twice a day to prevent cavities or to make sure you have fresh breath.

As it turns out, oral hygiene is more important than you might think:

This has led researchers to believe that bacterial DNA found in the mouth travels to the gut and interacts so that cells can then become cancerous.

So next time you're waiting for your toast to finish, don't get too distracted and keep an eye on your bread.

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