Farmer gifts wife with 1.2-million sunflowers for anniversary

Farmer gifts wife with 1.2-million sunflowers for anniversary

Couples take note because this is goals!

Farmer gifts wife with 1.2-million sunflowers for anniversary

Pop culture, movies, and books have taught us all that women love flowers and that sometimes they help make peace after a fight.

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Usually, the idea is that a bunch would suffice.

But how would you react to waking up to 32.3 hectares of flowers on your wedding anniversary?

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Renee Wilson was surprised and delighted with the "perfect anniversary gift" from her partner of 50 years, Lee, when he revealed 1.2-million sunflowers that he had planted just for her.

The couple recently celebrated their golden anniversary together and this served as the inspiration behind Lee's idea.

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Lee and his son set out planting the seeds in the spring with the hope that the flowers would be ready and blooming in time for their anniversary.

Luckily for Lee and Renee, it worked out beautifully.

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And if you thought this grand gesture was sweet, just wait until you hear how the couple's relationship started:

Since it might be a bit difficult to get to Kansas before the sunflowers are no more, you can see some of their sunny faces right here:

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