Food experts reveal what NOT to cook in air fryers

Food experts reveal what NOT to cook in air fryers

Seems like the perfect kitchen appliance isn't so perfect...

Food experts reveal what NOT to cook in air fryers

In the last few years, there has not been a must-have item as popular as the air fryer.

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One day, you were happy with your classic stove and the next thing you know, everyone and their mother has hopped on the air fryer-train.

Air fryers can be a healthier option when looking for something deep fried but without the oil; it's faster and more energy efficient than most ovens.

So it's no surprise that chefs, cooks, and anyone looking to share a recipe, found ways in which you can use an air fryer for cooking almost any dish, not just making nuggets.

But only almost.

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BBC Good Food experts Ailsa Burt and Samuel Goldsmith have shared that there are still some foods that should be cooked the old-fashioned way (aka in the oven).

According to them, the following should not be put in an air fryer:

Foods with wet batter

Cooking a dish such as fried chicken can be a disaster for your air fryer as it drips to the bottom.

Because the chicken is not being dropped into hot oil, the air in the fryer does not harden it fast enough, leaving a mess at the bottom of your fryer that could end up burning your appliance.

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An air fryer cannot reach the ideal temperature to cook popcorn and kernels can get lodged in the heating element causing a short, which is a serious fire hazard.

Sauce-based dishes

Stews and saucy foods like bolognese are better off in a slow cooker situation rather than an air fryer.

The warm air could cause the sauce to splatter everywhere, once again leaving a mess and could be dangerous, whereas a slow cooker is also energy efficient and low maintenance.

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Pasta and rice

These two foods need moisture and while you can add the tiniest bit of water to an air fryer, they were not designed to steam or boil foods.

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Air fryers might be the best kitchen innovation that has ever happened to humans but the most effective, fast, and most delicious way to get toast? Use a toaster.

Sometimes if it ain't broke, you just don't need to fix it.

And in case you are still highly confused as to what exactly happens inside an air fryer, this video is for you:

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