Highest paid actor for 2023 revealed

Highest paid actor for 2023 revealed

Here is a full list of the top earners in Hollywood for 2023, and number one might shock you...

Highest paid actor for 2023 revealed

2023 was one big and memorable year for film.

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It might even be better remembered as the year of 'Barbenheimer' because of the blockbuster films that were released.

With the Oscars on the horison, 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' are still considered favourites for the awards.

The films also broke box-office records and had fans flocking to the cinemas.

Logically you would think that the actors in these movies would have walked away with a massive paycheck.

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As it turns out the lead actors in these movies were not the highest paid actors for the year 2023.

Forbes has compiled a list of the top ten highest-earning actors in that year and while Margot Robbie is on the list, she is one of only two women on the list.

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Here is the full list:

10. Denzel Washington - $24 million ($28 million gross)

9. Ben Affleck - $38 million ($45 million gross)

8. Jason Statham - $41 million ($48 million gross)

7. Leonardo DiCaprio - $41 million ($48 million gross)

6. Jennifer Aniston - $42 million ($56 million gross)

5. Matt Damon - $43 million ($50 million gross)

4. Ryan Gosling - $43 million ($50 million gross)

3. Tom Cruise - $45 million ($53 million gross)

2. Margot Robbie - $59 million ($78 million gross)


1. Adam Sandler - $73 million ($97 million gross)

Now you might be wondering how Sandler was able to make more than the actors in some of the biggest films of the year.

Well, it's all thanks to Netflix.

In 2014, Sandler signed a four-movie deal with Netflix and has reaped the rewards since, securing more lucrative deals over the years.

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The second instalment of his movie 'Murder Mystery' which costarred Jennifer Aniston, was released last year and was viewed a massive total of 173-million hours by Netflix users.

Netflix has also shared viewer statistics on the other Adam Sandler movies available on the platform:

Highest paid actor for 2023 revealed
Netflix and Forbes

So if you have not indulged in some of Adam Sandler's latest work and you want to see what you're missing out on, here's the trailer for 'Murder Mystery 2':

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