Joburg mom discovers 11-year-old trying to buy a Rolls-Royce

Joburg mom discovers 11-year-old trying to buy a Rolls-Royce

Who says you need a driver's licence before buying your first luxury vehicle?

Joburg mom discovers 11-year-old trying to buy a Rolls-Royce

It's hard to know what your kids are up to 24/7 and that definitely doesn't make you a bad parent.

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In this technological age, children have access to a lot more than older generations and they will grab the opportunity to explore and discover every chance they get.

One mother recently found out that her son had been planning on purchasing a car from one of the most iconic and expensive luxury brands there is.

After checking her son's phone, she came across a chat where her son had been having a conversation with a Daytona sales executive.

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As it turns out, her 11-year-old wanted to find out more about purchasing a Rolls-Royce, a brand whose prices start as low as R8.7-million.

Luckily, Grant Baben from Daytona was incredibly respectful and kind towards little Kamogelo even though he knew he wasn't talking to a potential buyer.

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He was so kind in fact that he invited Kamogelo to the showroom where he got a full tour of the cars and got a firsthand Rolls-Royce experience thanks to Baben:

There's no doubt that Kamogelo will now be working extra hard to make his dreams of owning his own Rolls-Royce come true.

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