Kim Kardashian notices scary detail in her selfie

Kim Kardashian notices scary detail in her selfie

The reality star and businesswoman recently posted a picture that has baffled her and her followers...

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Sometimes, when you're so busy taking a picture of yourself or of anyone else, you don't necessarily notice what is going on in the background of the photo unless it's something really obvious.

Kim Kardashian, who is almost more well-known for her selfies than she is for her other endeavours, took to Instagram this past weekend to post a picture of her at home.

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In her caption, she mentions how she had taken the picture quite a while ago and had never gotten around to posting it on social media.

However, the fact that Kim is seemingly without make-up or that she's showing off her body in a tight-fitting dress is not the topic of conversation in this case.

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Kim also revealed a pretty scary bit of information about the picture that might have gone unnoticed by many of us.

But since she mentioned it, we can't unsee it!

Have a look for yourself:

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A few of her supporters and friends agree that something creepy is going on, saying that she needs to pray, while other ghosthunter types said they would come and investigate.

Others were quick to dismiss any scary ghost stories:

Kim has yet to share whether or not she was able to figure out this great mystery.

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