LISTEN: Can your employer control your social media? Expert explains...

LISTEN: Can your employer control your social media? Expert explains...

Your social media profiles are a digital extension of who you are, but who truly has control?

Employers are controlling employees personal social media
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In this day and age, it is relatively common for employers to do a social media check as part of the background check when you apply for a job.

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While that seems pretty normal, it can make things quite difficult when your employer starts to try and control what you post on your personal social media accounts.

There have been many cases over the years where organisations have asked employees to remove certain posts they deemed inappropriate or even fired staff for the posts that they have put into the digital world.

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Today, Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie are talking about just such a case and the repercussions one employee faced when she posted pole dancing videos on her own social media.

This led to the question: How much power can an employer have over your own social media?

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We spoke to a social media and digital expert, Arthur Goldstuck, to find out how one should navigate this new space.

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