LOOK: 8,200-year-old cave paintings earliest ever found

LOOK: 8,200-year-old cave paintings earliest ever found

Archaeologists have made another unbelievable discovery!

LOOK: 8,200-year-old cave paintings earliest ever found

South Africa is known for its rich archaeological history.

From cave paintings to Mrs. Ples, there is a lot of history that has been discovered in this country.

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And it's likely there is more to be found.

Recently however an incredible archaeological finding has been made in South America.

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According to CNN Argentine and Chilean archaeologists have found 895 paintings in the Huenul 1 cave, a rock shelter located in the Neuquen province in Argentine Patagonia.

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He also says that this discovery indicates that the practice of painting this particular pattern throughout the cave was sustained for at least 3,000 years.

It also provides further evidence of the artistic abilities and cultural transmissions of hunter-gatherer societies roughly 7,000 to 5,000 years ago (also known as the middle Holocene).

Who knows what we will find in the future!

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