New York travel booths let you 'teleport' across the world

New York travel booths let you 'teleport' across the world

Step into the future to make your travel dreams come true.

New York travel booths let you 'teleport' across the world
Trace VFX/Facebook

When asked what your superpower would be if you could have one, people usually go for flying, mind-reading, Avengers-type stuff.

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But one minute too long in the Gauteng traffic might have you considering teleportation.

Imagine a world where you could visit any city, beach or mountain without having to pay to get there.

Even though actual teleportation might still be a long way from being developed by the scientists and other intellectuals of the world, there is something close to it that has been created.

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The Marriott Hotel, along with Framestore VR Studio, has constructed travel booths in New York City where you enter and are transported to a different location.

How is this possible?

Through some pretty impressive technology.

See it in action right here:

It's not the textbook definition of teleportation, but it seems like a pretty impressive step in the right direction.

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Main image courtesy of Trace VFX/Facebook

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