A newspaper in 1924 made some wild predictions about 2024

A newspaper in 1924 made some wild predictions about 2024

A century ago one newspaper made some wild, and a few accurate, predictions.

A newspaper in 1924 made some wild predictions about 2024

Humans have often seen this in science fiction.

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The 'Back To The Future' franchise predicted that hoverboards would be readily available by 2015, and flying cars are also still nowhere near as common as they are in most sci-fi.

Seeing what those in the past thought would happen in the future can be quite entertaining and interesting, especially when looking at what they managed to predict correctly.

A researcher at the University of Calgary, Paul Fairie, has compiled a list on X (formerly Twitter) of newspaper clippings that wrote about the year 2024 in 1924.

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How accurate were a bunch of predictions made a century ago?

It's a bit of a mixed bag...

Let's go to the beginning, shall we? 

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Children are deposited on their bedroom floors by their automatic beds, eating breakfast tablets instead of actual food, and teachers shock them to get them to pay attention.

This was a bit far-fetched but some were closely accurate:

And then there are the hilariously silly ones that you can't help but laugh at:

While there might be a lot of things humans would love to change about 2024, at least we still have horses and men still have their legs.

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