VIDEO: SA cricket fan downing two drinks goes viral!

VIDEO: SA cricket fan downing two drinks goes viral!

And every country wants to claim her.

VIDEO: SA cricket fan downing two drinks goes viral!

It's cricket season in South Africa, which means excitement is in the air!

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While the players might be providing most of the entertainment, the supporters also have their moments.

Luckily these moments can be captured and these videos will forever live on the internet.

One woman recently caught the attention of viewers all around the world with her spectacular spectator antics.

During a recent cricket game at Newlands in Cape Town, the "audience cam" fixed on a lady who didn't hesitate to down her full drink the moment she noticed the camera on her.

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Onlookers cheered her on and she settled in to enjoy the rest of the game.

Then the unexpected happened when the camera returned to her and she was caught off-guard and without a drink.

Through quick thinking, she grabbed her neighbour's drink and then downed that one as well!

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You can watch the video here:

@ackmla she strikes twice ✓ #cricket #sa20 #micapetownvspaarlroyals #SAMA28 #southafrica #capetown #newlands ♬ Popular - Music from the HBO Original Series - The Weeknd & Madonna

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While the video itself is entertaining to watch, the video's comment section has also provided some laughs for South Africans.

Apparently, foreigners are quick to assume that she is from Canada or Australia based on her actions and want to claim her as their own.

However, South Africans were quick to point out that she is clearly a proudly SA supporter.

Others are more concerned about the man she nabbed the drink from:

Woman downing two drinks at cricket match SA

Cheers to more hilarious and wonderful moments next to the cricket pitch!

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Main image courtesy of @ackmla/TikTok

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