VIDEO: Plus-size model says planes should have bigger seats

VIDEO: Plus-size model says planes should have bigger seats

Should airlines make seats bigger for bigger people?

Instagram/ Screenshot

Plus-size model Gracie Bon recently posted a video on Instagram asking airlines to change their seat sizes for "big people".

The Panamanian model started her video by saying that buying two seats on a plane does not fix her problem of being a bigger person on a plane. 

Watch here:

"It's 2024, and bodies are changing, so planes should too," she said in the video. 

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"I won't lose my butt to fit on a plane," she continued. 

The model prompted airlines to either make seats bigger or give her another solution to accommodate "big people". 

Instagram users did not respond too well to the model's video:

"Buy your own plane," commented one Instagram user.

 "The solution is to not get ridiculous plastic surgery," said another. 

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"'Is 2024 bodies are changing'  are we becoming mutants or wtf is going on?"

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Main image courtesy of Gracie Bon/ Instagram


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