VIDEO: Dentist shares how to avoid a mouldy toothbrush

VIDEO: Dentist shares how to avoid a mouldy toothbrush

Ever considered that there might be mold growing in your toothbrush?

VIDEO: Dentist shares how to avoid a mouldy toothbrush

Bathrooms are generally a hot and humid place, so it isn't a major shock when you see some mold in your shower.

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It's easy enough to get rid of but what about the mold you don't see?

You might think your toothbrush is one of the cleanest objects in your bathroom because it is used with a cleaning substance (toothpaste).

According to experts, your toothbrush might be hiding more than you would like.

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Dr Ellie Phillips, a preventative dentist, is here to help you with all your dental questions and queries.

She has become a viral TikToker with her videos about dental health and by busting common misconceptions.

One of her most-watched videos is where she talks about toothbrush mold.

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In the video, she talks about mold and the harmful bacteria that can be found among your toothbrush bristles.

Luckily you don't have to panic just yet as she goes on to explain how you can make sure these bacteria die.

Watch the video below to find out how you can help protect your teeth in one easy step:

@drelliephillips Do this with your toothbrush every single day! 🪥 #toothbrush #healthyteeth #teethtok #dentistadvice #oralhealth ♬ Guitar instrument pop - Margarita

A few people had some questions about this practice and whether their current methods were effective.

Of course, Dr Phillips came through with more important answers:

@drelliephillips Replying to @Grace Would not recommend soaking your toothbrush in anything after using it. #cleantoothbrush #cleantoothbrushes #healthyteeth #oralcaretips #toothtok ♬ Lofi Vibes - Gentle State

Here are a few of her more popular videos that you might also find helpful:

@drelliephillips Replying to @That bearded guy My thoughts around oil pulling and how to do it. #oilpulling #sesameoilpulling #oilpull #healthyteeth #teethtok #toothtok ♬ Lofibeats chillhop(943906) - Enokido
@drelliephillips The problem with drinking lemon water every day. #lemonwater #drinklemonwater #healthyteeth #xylitol #teethtok #greenscreensticker ♬ Cafe / video cute lofi ♪ Chill(885831) - ImoKenpi-Dou
@drelliephillips The only way to truly stop your teeth from staining. #toothstaining #teethstain #toothstains #teethstains #whiteningteethhack #toothtok #healthyteeth ♬ Guitar instrument pop - Margarita

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