Sexualised 'Teletubbies' scene leads to parents banning kids from watching

Sexualised 'Teletubbies' scene leads to parents banning kids from watching

This clip might have you asking: "What did I just watch?"

Parents ban children from watching Teletubbies because of sexualised scene

The iconic children's television show 'Teletubbies' has been a part of many kids' lives since the show aired in 1997.

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While many old television show moments and movie scenes from the 20th century did not age well, it seems like 'Teletubbies' managed to remain uncanceled and has always been a fan favourite.

Until now.

One TikTok user, @his_beautiful_surrender, recently shared a video that shocked and confused not only parents but many other childless adults as well.

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In her video, the mom is filming a scene from the popular show that features a few of the main 'Teletubbies' while her child watches. In the background, you can hear the toddler laughing, which obviously means they are enjoying the show but what happens next has shocked many viewers:

@his_beautiful_surrender #teletubbies #pbs #wtf ♬ original sound - His_Beautiful_Surrender

Most of the comments on the video have been in support of the mom, some have also even said that they have let their kids only watch one episode before banning it in their households.

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Others have come to the defense of the television series, saying that parents should not be sexualising an innocent children's program.

Whatever your feelings about the specific scene, it might change the way you look at the Teletubbies from now on...

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Main image courtesy of @PopBase/Twitter

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