Tourists stuck 3000m in the air for three hours

Tourists stuck 3000m in the air for three hours

Talk about a real-life nightmare!

Tourists stuck 3000m in the air for three hours

Being stuck in any environment for three hours sounds like a terrible time.

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Now imagine dangling above the ground in a little cable car, filled with people, for three hours.

Also, not ideal.

One group of tourists found themselves in this very precarious situation while travelling on the world's highest cable car on Fansipan Mountain located in Vietnam.

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Australian TikToker @fully.fledged is a world traveller and documents his journeys on the social media app.

While travelling through Vietnam he ended up spending some quality time with a few other tourists on the cable car as it got stuck for a couple of hours.

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He decided to document the situation and in the video he uploaded he can be seen cracking jokes (that did not go down well with fellow passengers) and trying to lighten up the serious situation:

@fully.fledged Stuck in a cable car for 3 hours in a Vietnam, I don’t think I’m getting into a cable car ever again 🇻🇳 #f#fypf#foryouv#vietnam ♬ original sound - fully.fledged

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There are clearly two kinds of people in these kinds of situations: those who are stressed and serious, and those who try to brighten the mood.

While this could have led to possible confrontation, everyone kept their cool and everything worked out fine in the end.

Luckily the group made a safe return to solid ground and after apologies from the operating staff, the group went on their way.

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Main image courtesy of @fully.fledged/TikTock

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