VIDEO: Deep-fried toothpicks trend discouraged by health officials

VIDEO: Deep-fried toothpicks trend discouraged by health officials

We can not stress this enough: Do not try this at home.

VIDEO: Deep-fried toothpicks trend discouraged by health officials

TikTok is well known for having become the home of all things trending.

If there is a video making the rounds on social media, there's a 99.9% chance that it came from TikTok.

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You're friends or kids want you to participate in the filming of some sort of challenge? It probably originated on the very popular app.

But not all trends are created equal.

Even before Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok people would partake in funny, silly, and sometimes dangerous trends.

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While most dance challenges these days are pretty harmless, one new food trend has caught the attention of South Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

According to Reuters, people have been uploading videos of them eating deep-fried toothpicks covered in powder seasoning such as cheese flavour.


South Korea is urging people not to eat fried toothpicks made of starch in a shape resembling curly fries, after videos of the practice were widely shared on social media.

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Although the toothpicks are made of sweet potato and cornstarch, which is biodegradable and eco-friendly, the South Korean health ministry has had to issue a warning.

They tweeted: "Their safety as food has not been verified. Please do not eat (them)."

Just because something looks tasty doesn't mean you should eat it.

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