VIDEO: Viewers finally notice adult joke in 'Cars' movie scene

VIDEO: Viewers finally notice adult joke in 'Cars' movie scene

Warning: Parental guidance is advised.

VIDEO: Viewers finally notice adult joke in 'Cars' movie scene

Something that animated children's movies have always been able to do very well is balancing more mature humour in a movie that is essentially created for the enjoyment of young kids.

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When you watch these movies as a child, your innocent mind still finds joy in the movie, but there are some jokes you only pick up on when you are older and wiser.

Rewatching Pixar or Disney movies as an adult you quickly realise there are many more jokes you only now understand.

One such joke features in the classic Pixar movie, 'Cars'.

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If you are not familiar with the movie, it follows a car called Lightning McQueen, a racing star who is all about the glitz and the glam of being a superstar racer.

He accidentally ends up in a small town called Radiator Springs where he causes some severe damage and has to repair it before he can get on his way again.

During his time there he learns some valuable lessons, finds love, and much more.

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However, fans of the movie have now realised there is a more PG scene than they had thought and nobody has even mentioned it before!

The scene in question shows a famous Lightning surrounded by fans and media when two lady fans roll up in front of him and to show their admiration, they flash him their headlights.

You can see the scene below:

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As it turns out, you might not have realised, that them flashing their lights represents them flashing something more explicit...

And everyone has had the same response:

If it's been a while since you watched a children's movie, it might be time for a rewatch.

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