Bridezilla asks bridesmaids to pay for cancelled wedding

Bridezilla asks bridesmaids to pay for cancelled wedding

This story is full of twists and unexpected turns...

Bridezilla asks bridesmaids to pay for cancelled wedding

Everyone knows that a bride tends to be quite stressed on her wedding day.

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She isn't necessarily the only one feeling the pressure, but the bride is generally more focused on the details like food, flowers, guests, and everything else.

And so the common trope of the 'Bridezilla' was born.

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Some rudeness or a mean comment or two is not the end of the world, but your wedding is also no excuse for treating your family, friends, and other loved ones badly.

One Reddit user shared a wedding day horror story that is truly something else and started their post with "Starting the year strong, I swear."

She starts the post by saying that she was supposed to attend her friend's wedding as a bridesmaid but on the day of the wedding, it was cancelled at the last minute.

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The poster then describes the actions of the bride-to-be leading up to the wedding and she seemed to be very unpleasant and demanding.

She was asking bridesmaids to cancel family plans in order to attend her bridal shower and accusing a bridesmaid of being pregnant and relieving her of her duties.

Just when you think it couldn't get worse, the biggest plot twist happened on the day of the wedding.

The bride had been acting especially rude and eventually asked for some time alone.

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None of the bridal party suspected anything so they left her alone only to find out a few minutes later that the wedding was cancelled because the groom had found his future wife cheating on him with a family member.

You can read the full story here because believe it or not there's more!

Bridezilla ruins her own wedding. Demands bridal party pay her cancelled wedding
byu/lrhun inweddingshaming

It seems like this bridezilla has reached a whole new level of delusion.

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