Day or night? When you should shower, according to experts

Day or night? When you should shower, according to experts

Are you a morning or evening shower person?

Dermatologists reveal how often you should be showering per week
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Just like how you take your tea or coffee, the correct time to bathe will always cause a debate.

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What time of day people choose to bathe or shower shouldn't really matter as much as long as cleanliness is a part of their daily routines.

But if you have ever been curious about which option is better for your health or sleep, this is what a few experts have to say.


According to Robert Oexman, a sleep adviser and chiropractor, your core body temperature starts to drop in the evening, preparing itself and your brain for bed, while it starts to rise before you wake up as a signal to start the day.

While your body will do this naturally, a hot shower or bath can help you prepare for bed:

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It's important to note that a cold shower or bath will have the opposite effect on your core body temperature, so is not advised.

Oexman also said morning showers tend to rid folks of sleepiness.

Skin Health

If you thought that your shower time might affect your skin, the good news is that it doesn't do much.

Dermatologist Dr Julia Carroll says that showering or bathing removes dirt and environmental contaminants, but it's all up to personal preference whether you wash those away in the morning or night.

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However, she says that moisturising is super important and because some people might not have time for a full routine in the morning, it might be better to do all of it in the evening.

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There might be a clear winner for hair, although more specifically long hair.

If you shower in the evening and go to bed with wet or damp hair, this means your hair is weaker and more prone to erosion and fungal growth.

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This is according to Jonathan Palmer, the founding director at the trichology service Hairknowhow, who says that your hair rubbing on your pillow increases hair cuticle chipping and the damage could be extensive.

In the morning you have more time to air dry your hair and don't necessarily have to use hair dryers which also keeps your hair healthier.

In the end, you just have to choose what time of day suits you and your lifestyle, while keeping these tips in mind, of course.

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