VIDEO: How to tell if someone dislikes you

VIDEO: How to tell if someone dislikes you

Are you imagining things or are you actually on to something?

VIDEO: How to tell if someone dislikes you

This could be an indication of your own insecurities bubbling to the surface or you might be correct in your assumption.

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While some humans have better powers of perception, body language is pretty universal and doesn't differ majorly from person to person.

If someone is talking to you very loudly and their arms are crossed, you can probably tell they are upset or mad without hearing the actual words they are saying.

But as previously mentioned, when do you know if your gut feeling and powers of deduction about a situation are correct?

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New Zealand TikToker Josh Fraser Young has posted multiple videos where he shares his psychology insights into various topics.

One of his most popular videos helps you identify signs that the person you are talking to or hanging out with might not be your biggest fan.

@joshfraseryoung Psychological signs someone secretly dislikes you part 4. #psychology #signstheydontlikeyou #signssomeonesecretlydislikesyou #psychologyfacts ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim
@joshfraseryoung Psychological signs someone secretly dislikes you. #psychology #signssomeonesecretlydislikesyou #signstheydontlikeyou #psychologyfacts ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

These might seem like obvious signs that any person would pick up on, but it gets harder when you have been around this person so much that you might have just gotten used to or accepted their behaviour.

Josh also shares other psychology tips and tricks on his page, but on a more positive note, he also shared seven things he had learned in 2023.

These seven bits of advice might just be the thing some of us need to hear and will always be relevant no matter the year:

@joshfraseryoung These are 7 life lessons I have learnt in the past year. #lifelessons #wisdom #selfgrowth #personalgrowth ♬ Ambient-style emotional piano - MoppySound

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