VIDEO: Is influencer Nara Smith stealing content from a SA creator?

VIDEO: Is influencer Nara Smith stealing content from a SA creator?

Nara Smith might not be as innocent as she seems...

VIDEO: Is influencer Nara Smith stealing content from a SA creator?

When it comes to viral sensations, these days, all you really need is a social media platform's algorithm to work just right and your one video could be seen by millions.

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Sure, you can hashtag and do everything these platforms tell you to help boost engagement, but at the end of the day, some videos are just the random chosen ones.

Nara Smith is a TikToker who has captivated millions of viewers with her smooth, whispery voice and her made-from-scratch recipes.

From homemade chewing gum to making her own butters and cheeses, Smith is posting step-by-step guides and vlogs of how she bakes and makes all her food.

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Her husband wants pizza? She's not buying dough. Instead, she makes it herself, even while pregnant and a mom to two little ones.

@naraazizasmith this was fun! What’s your favorite roadtrip snack? #easyrecipes #homecooking #fypツ #candy #bubblegum ♬ Just Give Me One More Day - Alej

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Nara has amassed millions of followers across her platforms but now some of her work has come into question.

South African social media creator Onezwa Mbola was part of 'MasterChef' season four in 2022 and has since also become popular on social media for her style of cooking videos.

Which are very similar to Smith's.

According to TimesLive, Mbola recently took to social media to state that she felt someone had been stealing her content ideas and she was taking a break for a while:

These are still only allegations but Nara has also decided to address the situation:

Nara Smith stealing content ideas from Onezwa Mbola

The verdict is still out on this one but Onezwa fans are fuming and have done their research:

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