VIDEO: Inside the R1,4-million suite on the largest cruise ship

VIDEO: Inside the R1,4-million suite on the largest cruise ship

The 'Ultimate Family Townhouse' is three stories high and the most expensive suite on the Icon of the Seas cruise ship.

VIDEO: Inside the R1,4-million suite on the largest cruise ship

Cruise ship family vacations seem like the ideal plan for parents who want to take their kids on holiday.

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There's no stress about organising your own travel and figuring out where you have to stay or eat.

You don't even have to worry about entertainment for the kids as these ships have so much to offer, even if they aren't the biggest ship in the world.

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The convenience of a cruise holiday is pretty appealing.

So much so that families can rent entire 'homes' on these cruises.

If that sounds impossible to you then let TikToker Erica From America introduce you to the 'Ultimate Family Townhouse'.

This suite (which is basically a house) has everything you and your family could need and more.

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Erica is a staff member working on these cruise ships and in her video, she shows viewers around this suite.

Her tour starts at the entrance to the suite which at first only shows a comfortable setting area overlooking the ocean.

Then the real fun begins. 

As you enter the living room, there is also a slide that connects the floors, the dining room has a touchscreen dinner table, a movie theatre room and so much more.

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If you have some time to kill and you would like to see EVERYTHING this ginormous cruise ship has to offer, then this video by YouTubers Trev and Chels is just for you:

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Main image courtesy of @ericafromamerica/TikTok

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