VIDEO: Leopard attacks group of 50 baboons in Kruger

VIDEO: Leopard attacks group of 50 baboons in Kruger

Who do you think won this fight?

VIDEO: Leopard attacks group of 50 baboons in road
Latest Sightings/YouTube

Everyone loves and enjoys a good and exciting wildlife video!

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And while it might seem obvious what the answer to the above question would be, you would be surprised to know who did win.

Latest Sightings is a platform that showcases users' content that they have captured while on safari. From rangers to tourists, anyone is welcome to submit videos and pictures.

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Obviously, this makes the site a great place to find footage of crazy animal encounters.

In one of their most recent posts, they shared a video captured by 38-year-old Merve Mersinligil, a pianist and pedagogue (piano professor), who was on her very first Kruger National Park safari with her husband, 44-year-old lawyer Viktor Szontagh.

Lucky for her she captured a one-in-a-million encounter between a leopard, who was hoping to catch a baboon, and a group of baboons who were not ready to go down without a fight.

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Watch the incredible video here:

One thing is for sure, that leopard is not only extremely embarrassed, but is also reconsidering all its future lunch options.

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Main image courtesy of Latest Sightings/YouTube

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