VIDEO: Pedros advertisement fires serious shots at competitors

VIDEO: Pedros advertisement fires serious shots at competitors

Pedros Chicken has come out guns blazing in their latest ad and they made it very clear which of their fast-food chicken competitors they were hinting at.

VIDEO: Pedros advertisement fires serious shots at competitors

When it comes to South African advertisements, there are many that have reached icon status.

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From "Yebo gogo" to "It's not inside, it's on top", there are some brands that just know how to make an ad that won't only make consumers purchase the project or service, but get the people talking.

A very famous local chicken fast-food brand is very well-known for incorporating pop culture, political news, and any other relevant, trending stories into their ads.

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But now it seems like one of their competitors, Pedros Chicken, has stepped up their ad game.

In Pedros' latest advertisement, they decided they were going to come at their competitors hard and they did so by creating very scathing characters representing two of their biggest competitors.

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The advertisement features GFC (Greasy Fried Chicken) and Over Priced Chicken meeting to discuss how Pedros has been able to grow so quickly.

In their tweet, Pedros made it clear that they don't want to start "beef" with anyone, but they did also write #ChickenWars.

You can watch the full ad here:

Mzansi has responded to the ad with heaps of laughter and positivity:

While we still don't pick favourites, we have to admit that Pedros Chicken did succeeded in making us giggle.

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