VIDEO: Man roasted for "truly awful" relationship tattoo

VIDEO: Man roasted for "truly awful" relationship tattoo

Why not commemorate your relationship with a tattoo?

VIDEO: Man roasted for "truly awful" relationship tattoo
Betty Zoo Tattoo/Instagram

You might be surprised to find that many tattoo artists will refuse to do couple tattoos that involve names.

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Some artists believe that couple tattoos are bad luck and others just don't want to permanently ink a person with something they might regret.

We have all seen or heard of people who decided to tattoo a name on their bodies only to be very regretful about it later.

There are many cute and meaningful designs that you can use to commemorate your love for your partner that will probably be more special, like a matching tattoo or an inside joke you both share.

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However, there are also some questionable choices.

A tattoo studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, Betty Zoo Tattoo, recently posted a video of a man getting a tattoo based on a body part of his girlfriend.

And it's definitely not what you think.

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The unknown man had his girlfriend bite his arm before the tattoo artist then proceeded to ink him with a bunch of tiny tooth marks.

You can watch the video here:

The video has since made its way around the internet, with people sharing their opinions on the piece. It's a pretty 50/50 divide between love and dislike:

Tattoos might be permanent, but, ultimately, if you want to get teethmarks on your arm, then you do what makes you happy.

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Main image courtesy of Betty Zoo Tattoo/Instagram

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