VIDEO: Woman has fine system for when husband is late

VIDEO: Woman has fine system for when husband is late

This gives new meaning to the saying, "rather late than never".

Woman has fine system for tardy husband

Being late to any kind of appointment, event or meeting is never a good look.

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If you are not considerate of others' time, it could come across as you just not caring in general.

However, there are obviously exceptions.

When you send through a warning that you might be arriving later than expected because of something out of your control, people tend to be quite forgiving, or a sincere apology could go a long way.

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There are some extreme cases where people have just had enough.

One local lady has decided that she should receive compensation from her significant other whenever he fails to let her know that he will be arriving late for dinner.

From sweet treats to significant amounts of cash, he is paying the price:

@colourful_saved_makoti 🤣😂🤣😂 #colourful_saved_makoti❤️💐❤️‍🔥 #viraltiktok #vypシ✌️❤️ #fypシ #trend #imali #funnyvideos #house #family ♬ original sound - @Colourful_Saved_Makoti❤️💐😘

This method might not be for everyone, but many of the comments said that they are inspired:

  • "Only reason I'd get married😅"
  • "I will definitely implement it one day"
  • "As soon as we move in together"

It might not be the solution for everyone, but where's the harm in trying it out... at least once.

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