VIDEO: You have been eating Pringles wrong

VIDEO: You have been eating Pringles wrong

If you thought there was no wrong way to eat a chip, you would be mistaken.

You’ve been eating Pringles wrong this whole time
TikTok/ Screenshot

Humans will experience various 'I was today years old' moments throughout their lives.

Like this for example:

I was today years old meme

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But have you ever considered that you are consuming your snacks incorrectly?

Sounds impossible, but TikTok user @cookinhungryis here to show you how.

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As it turns out, the most common method of eating Pringles, which also just makes the most sense, is the wrong way to do it.

While you might be thinking that it doesn't matter which side up you eat a chip, in the case of Pringles, there is a slight added benefit:

@cookinhungry Did you know this is how you should eat @Pringles #Wednesday #snacks ##Lunch #You #Foodie #MindBlown #teacher ♬ original sound - A-A-Ron

It might not be an earth-shattering improvement, but it's not wrong!

Now you'll be able to enjoy your Pringles the right way, or have a fun little fact for your friends the next time they eat a chip incorrectly.

And if they don't believe you, they can Google it.

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Main image courtesy of @cookinhungry TikTok/ Screenshot

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