VIDEO: Is the 'quiet vacationing' work trend problematic?

VIDEO: Is the 'quiet vacationing' work trend problematic?

This new trend has been met with great anger and disapproval from CEOs.

VIDEO: Is the 'quiet vacationing' work trend problematic?

Post-COVID, we've seen the coining of new work-related terms.

There's been quiet-quitting, Bare Minimum Mondays and other trends that have started to take over through social media and other outlets.

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While the chats surrounding most of these trends have died down, a new one has started popping up.

'Quiet vacationing' has now seemingly become the norm among Millenials and Gen-Z employees who are working from home.

It essentially comes down to employees telling their boss, manager or whoever is in charge, that they are working from home. 

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Meanwhile, they are actually on vacation, but they are still working, choosing not to use any of their leave days or personal time off (PTO).

Here's a video explaining it in more detail:

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At first glance, it seems like the reason for it might be laziness or disrespect.

According to a recent study, there might be a much deeper cause for this.

In a recent survey, Harris Poll found that 40% of Millenial employees in the USA will not formally tell their manager they are going on vacation.

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They also found that 80% of Americans do not use their full amount of PTO, the main reason being that they feel pressure to always be available.

49% also said that they are nervous when requesting time off and would rather lie. Others said that they are afraid that taking time off might negatively affect their careers in the future.

Is 'quiet vacationing' ethical? The verdict is still out, considering how much the workplace has changed since the pandemic and what the rules of working from home really are.

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