VIDEO: 'Silent walking' could change your life, according to TikTok

VIDEO: 'Silent walking' could change your life, according to TikTok

It might seem like an obvious concept, but there is method to the madness.

VIDEO: 'Silent walking' could change your life according to TikTok

TikTok is the birthplace of social media trends.

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From food trends to new slang terms and everything in between, it can sometimes be hit or miss.

A recent trend, however, seems like it has captivated many and according to them, truly helped to improve their daily lives.

Introducing silent walking.

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In one of the first videos to speak on this habit, a woman shares how her boyfriend challenged her to go on a 'silent walk'.

This means no earphones, headphones, music, podcasts or distractions.

Just you one-on-one with your environment.

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Watch the video for a fully detailed explanation:

@valjonescoaching Let me know if you try it! #walking #silentwalking #walkingformentalhealth #walkingforhealth #midlifewomen #midlifeawakening #divorcediaries #divorcerecoverycoach #divorcesupportforwomen #midlifecoach #midlifeinfluencer ♬ original sound - Val Jones - Life Coach

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While it doesn't seem like much, it has caused quite a debate.

Many older generations have noted that this wouldn't be a problem if younger generations didn't rely on technology or their phones as much.

However, it's not just a specific age group that has spoken about the benefits that 'silent walking' has provided them and how it has helped them overcome some major hurdles:

@sashabella_cinderella #stitch with @KENZIEELIZABETH ♬ original sound - Sasha

No matter what you call it, there is clearly something to this trend and it's seems like the positives outweigh the negatives - so why not try it?!

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