VIDEO: Taylor Swift stops performance to help fan in distress

VIDEO: Taylor Swift stops performance to help fan in distress

She even has a special code she uses with her security team to confirm the safety of her audience.

Led by Taylor Swift's $1 bn tour, 2023 concerts set new record

The Grammy-award-winning artist is currently making her way through the UK on her momentous Eras Tour.

While thousands are flocking to see her perform songs from her many different albums (or eras) there is always a risk at these massive stadium shows.

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Fans are standing for hours in the heat or the cold, not drinking or eating enough and being in a small compacted space with lots of bodies around you can take its toll.

Over the years performers have become more observant and vocal about any audience concerns they might have.

After the tragic events of the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival, artists have made an extra effort to stop and help any audience members they might see from their birdseye view spot on the stage.

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No performer is too important to stop their performance and even Swift stopped midway through one of her biggest hits to make sure one of her fans was okay.

During her performance of 'Shake It Off' in Edinburgh, she could be seen pointing to a specific area for some time.

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At a certain point, she stops singing and she directly addresses the security, telling them exactly where the fan is from her position on stage.

Then she just seamlessly continues with her performance:

@harr1702 i dont blame her, she had to ask about 10 times during all to well too 😬 #taylorswift #theerastour #erastouredinburgh #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - Haz

The video poster @harr1702 also mentions that this wasn't the first time during the concert that Swift called to security as she also did so during her performance of 'All Too Well'.

That's not the only way Taylor communicates with security.

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During her show in Liverpool, she was concerned about a fan who was either waving for help or because they were excited.

Swift sent security to the fan before continuing with the show.

According to The Mirror she then shared with the crowd the special glowstick system she has with security to make sure she knows everyone is fine:

Viewers also speculated that after a tragic death took place at her concert in Brazil, the singer has become more vigilant and is working even harder to make sure that everyone is safe during her show.

According to AFP, The Rio Health Secretariat reported that Ana Benevides died on the Friday evening of the Eras Tour after suffering cardiorespiratory arrest in the Nilton Santos stadium during Swift's concert.

The concert venue had not allowed attendees to bring in water while the area was experiencing an unusually extreme springtime heat wave.

Swift could be seen in videos posted to social media from Friday trying to help fans by dispatching aides to pass out water bottles and even throwing one to the audience herself.

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