VIDEO: Train of hippos makes its way through St Lucia

VIDEO: Train of hippos makes its way through St Lucia

Just another fun animal sighting in SA!

VIDEO: Train of hippos makes its way through St Lucia
iStock/© Viktor Kintop

Foreigners might believe that wild animals roam the streets of South Africa.

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And as much as locals want to fight it, SA animals have been known to make their way through the streets of the provinces.

St Lucia is home to the largest hippo population in the country and residents are no strangers to these mammals making their way through their neighbourhoods.

They might be more used to it by now but that doesn't make a train of hippos walking about any less entertaining!

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The Facebook page, The Little Bush Baby Co., recently shared a video captioned, "A normal evening in St Lucia", that has left viewers smiling.

The video shows a group of hippos minding their own business as they casually stroll along:

One viewer wrote: "Hehe the music made me laugh. I almost expected them to start doing a samba down the road. It's always a pleasure sending guests up to St Lucia after they've been up here visiting Giants Castle. They think I'm mad when I tell them to watch out for Hippos I'm the street!"

If you are looking to head to St Lucia soon, make sure to have your camera ready.

You never know what animal friend you might bump into.

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Main image courtesy of iStock/© Viktor Kintop

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