VIDEO: Broad daylight Cape Town hijacking shocks SA

VIDEO: Broad daylight Cape Town hijacking shocks SA

Crime continues to plague South Africa.

VIDEO: Broad daylight Cape Town hijacking shocks SA

South Africans have become almost desensitised when it comes to crime in this country.

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The news is filled with crime stories of various levels and you likely know someone who has been a victim of a criminal act.

No matter where you are, you most likely are always a bit on edge and never truly feel safe.

And, apparently, criminals have become brazen enough to commit these acts in the middle of the day.

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A video that was recently shared by @MDNnewss on the X has left people in utter disbelief, while others say that this has become the way of life in SA.

The video is CCTV footage that shows that the unfortunate incident happened on Monday the 26th of February at around 3pm.

The video clearly shows a suburban area with a red car stopped outside of what is most likely someone's home.

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As a person exits the car, two people walking by decide to approach the car, tell the driver to get out and drive off with the now-stolen vehicle.

The victims, who are likely too scared to fight back and are smart not to do so, have to watch on as the criminals leave with their car.

You can watch the video here:

People have replied to the video stating how shocked they are and just sharing their disappointment:

Hopefully, the victims will be able to recover from this horrible incident.

There are no further details at this time.

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Main image courtesy of @MDNnewss/X

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