Viewers horrified by bubblegum ingredients

VIDEO: Viewers horrified by bubblegum ingredients

Myth or truth: Should you be swallowing your bubblegum?

What is bubblegum really made of shocked viewers

Growing up you might have heard some funny or distressing advice about bubblegum.

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Children might be told that swallowing bubblegum could knot their organs or that it takes seven years to digest.

When you become older, you learn that these are all scary stories and rumours.

Or were they...

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The popular show 'How It's Made' is known for showing you the behind-the-scenes of manufacturing. From the seemingly mundane matches to the quirky and creative lava lamps, they have been revealing it all for years.

While the show hasn't revealed the manufacturing process of anything too sinister and it's been very informative and educating, many viewers do wish they never came across one very specific episode.

In 2018, a 'How It's Made' episode that shows the production of bubblegum was uploaded onto YouTube and it has since resurfaced.

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As it turns out, bubblegum isn't just made from food or edible materials.

It actually contains plastic and rubber:

You might learn something new every day, but sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

There still isn't any major cause for alarm just yet:

Luckily, there's no need to say goodbye to your Chappies just yet.

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