VIDEO: Woman shares tip for "mini nose job" at home

VIDEO: Woman shares tip for "mini nose job" at home

If you are looking for a quick fix then this might just be it!

VIDEO: Woman shares tip for "mini nose job" at home

Everyone wants to feel the most comfortable in their skin and whether they achieve that through exercise, make-up or cosmetic procedures, it's all up to the individual.

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But not everyone is as financially blessed and can use the top-of-the-range products that cost thousands of Rands.

Sometimes, you have to work smarter, not harder.

The internet is full of life hacks, food hacks, and, of course, beauty hacks.

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A recent video by a TikTok influencer has caught people's attention as she shows viewers how she achieves a "mini nose job" while she sleeps.

Not only is this trick not going to be a bother during your daily life, but it also only uses one tool.

Isabelle Lux was showing viewers her nighttime routine and mentioned that about 10 minutes after applying her skincare products she applies budget-friendly kinesiology tape to her nose.

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This tape is usually used for sports injuries as it reduces swelling which when placed on your nose, could help your nostrils widen and improve your breathing during sleep.

Lux, however, uses the tape to ensure that she wakes up the next morning with a perfectly button-shaped nose:

@isabelle.lux Replying to @iceice_bayleee nose taping easy DIY #nosetape #nosejobcheck #beautyhacks #reverseaging ♬ original sound - Isabelle ⚡️ Lux

Many in the comments were quick to remind others that tape can not change your face in the same way surgery, fillers, and those procedures can, so this is still extremely temporary. 

Others feel that it seems very uncomfortable and not worth it.

We would just recommend to not try this at home either way, just to be safe.

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Main image courtesy of @isabelle.lux/TikTok

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