VIDEO: Woman in tears after tattoo mishap

VIDEO: Woman in tears after tattoo mishap

Another day, another tattoo fail...

VIDEO:  Woman in tears after tattoo mishap

If you plan on getting a tattoo anytime soon, this is your reminder to ensure your tattoo artist understands exactly what you want.

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And when it comes to permanently inking words onto your skin, it wouldn't hurt to double-check spelling, meaning (if the tattoo is in a foreign language) or placement.

Rather safe than sorry right?

One TikToker had to learn the hard way when she got a new tattoo that unfortunately had one crucial mistake.

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Tia visited Bali and while there decided to get a new tattoo, which she has wanted for a long time.

In the video she uploaded to TikTok she states that she doesn't get tattoos that often and was excited about this one, only for the experience to end in tears.

Her tattoo was meant to say 'Angel Energy' but the artists made an error which left Tia absolutely devastated.

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Watch the video here to see the final result:

@tiakabirr Im lost for words #tattoo #fypシ #fail #foryou ♬ original sound - Tia k

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While many in the comments section expressed their sympathy, others pointed out that this tends to happen when you aren't willing to pay a respectable amount for a respectable artist.

There were also people stating the obvious: wasn't she paying attention during the tattoo or saw the stencil before the process began?

It seems like they feel the blame just as much hers as it is the tattooers.

Whatever the case, hopefully, she learned an important lesson... as did everyone who is watching this video.

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Main image courtesy of @tiakabirr/TikTok

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