VIDEO: World's largest iceberg breaks free after 30 years

VIDEO: World's largest iceberg breaks free after 30 years

The iceberg, which is three times the size of New York City, is on the move again...

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Photo by Handout / Copernicus Sentinel-3 / AFP)

Imagine being completely stuck in the same spot for over 30 years!

It doesn't sound like a fun time.

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In 1986, an iceberg called A23a separated from the Antarctic coastline, but before it could travel much further, it was swiftly grounded in the Weddell Sea.

A23a measures a massive 4,000 square kilometres in area - which is more than twice the size of Greater London, and 400m thick, making it taller than the tallest skyscraper in Europe (the London Shard).

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Many are wondering why this gigantic piece of ice decided to dislodge now, or how it's even happened?

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There is also no need to worry about a Titanic repeat situation, however, scientists are keeping a close eye on its movement as it could cause problems for South Georgia.

The island is home to various types of wildlife and if the iceberg were to ground there, it could pose a major threat to these animals.

You can have a look at the iceberg's breakaway in detail here:

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Main image courtesy of  Handout / Copernicus Sentinel-3 (AFP)

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