WATCH: Beyoncé has shocking request for concert crowd

WATCH: Beyoncé has shocking request for concert crowd

When Queen Bey speaks, you listen!

Beyonce/ Instagram (@beyonce)

When you pay to watch one of the greatest performers to ever grace a stage, you expect only the best.

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And that's exactly what concertgoers have been experiencing at Beyoncé's Renaissance tour which has been making its way across the world.

As a singer who has released hit after musical hit, it's only expected that fans will be singing their hearts out while watching her perform.

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Unfortunately for the recent London crowd at the Beyoncé show, the singer had some choice words to share with the attendees - and it's fair to say the crowd was shook.

TikTok user, @icantreid, shared a video of the concert where the singer was performing one of her biggest hits, 'Love On Top', and asked the crowd to sing along only for her to change her mind:

@icantreid London crowd day 1 brought the best energy! #beyonce #beyoncetour #renaissanceworldtour #london #beyhive #tottenhamhotspur ♬ original sound icantreid

Luckily it was all in good fun and completely understandable since the spotlight should always be on Queen Bey!

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Main image courtesy of Beyoncé/Instagram (@beyonce)

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