WATCH: Black Coffee leaves P Diddy in tears

WATCH: Black Coffee leaves P Diddy in tears

The American superstar was clearly overcome with emotion.

Black Coffee leaves P Diddy in tears

It's no secret that South African DJ and producer Black Coffee has made his mark internationally.

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The man has even won a Grammy Award!

We love to see fellow South Africans conquer the world and feel proud when they get the respect they clearly deserve, but it's even more exciting when one of the world's most famous rappers gives one of our artists a shoutout.

P Diddy recently posted a video on his TikTok which shows him "crying" and freaking out that Black Coffee will be performing in Miami. 

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His only issue? That the show is on a Sunday and he has to go to work on a Monday (Which most of us can relate to).

You can watch the video below: 

(Warning: Video does contain strong language)

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Black Coffee is not a man of many words but he did respond to the tweet with a simple emoji: 

It's obviously all in jest and there is a very good chance that P Diddy still attended the show, as he and Black Coffee have been quite good friends for a few years now.

Since they are happy tears, Mzansi also didn't feel too bad laughing along as the video went viral.

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