WATCH: Nick Cannon says he wants baby #13 with the world's biggest pop star!

WATCH: Nick Cannon says he wants baby #13 with the world's biggest pop star!

Another day, another Cannon baby on the way?

Nick Cannon Taylor Swift baby number 13

Nick Cannon is known as a rapper, a television show host, and more but in recent years he has probably become the world's most famous dad.

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The father of 12 has made it abundantly clear that he loves being a dad and that he still wants to have more babies.

While Cannon might not have any plans on settling down and getting married in the conventional sense anytime soon, he has revealed who he wants to be the mother of his 13th child.

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In a recent interview with controversial radio presenter Howard Stern on 'The Howard Stern Show', the host asked Cannon if 12 kids is where he will be drawing the line.

Most people would expect the answer to be a firm "yes" but instead Cannon surprised the hosts, the listeners, and, quite frankly the world, with the answer he gave instead.

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According to CNN, Stern suggested that it would have to take someone very special to have another child with Cannon and suggested Taylor Swift.

Cannon did not disagree. Instead, he was very open to the idea and listed a bunch of reasons why it might actually work between the two:

It could have been a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment seeing as Taylor Swift and her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn have apparently broken up after six years together.

Unfortunately, fans of Taylor Swift are having none of it:

Taylor Swift is yet to respond to Nick's comments.

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