Woman asks for refund from Midrand wedding photographer after her divorce

Woman asks for refund from Midrand wedding photographer after her divorce

Just like the photographer, we thought this was a prank.

Divorced woman wants refund from Midrand wedding photographer 4 years later
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Not all marriages last, it's sad but it's true.

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While divorce can be a traumatizing and deeply heartbreaking time for anyone to go through, being completely irrational is not the way to go.

A photographer from Midrand recently shared screenshots of a conversation he had with a recently divorced woman.

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The wedding photographer, Lance Romeo, had been hired by the woman to take pictures of her wedding four years ago. Unfortunately, since then the woman and her partner's relationship has ended and this has left her feeling some kind of way about it.

More specifically, she felt she was entitled to some things that most people would not expect.

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She first messaged Romeo to remind him that she had been a previous client quite a while ago and Romeo did remember the wedding.

The conversation then took a wild turn as the woman requested a refund. 

Understandably Romeo was just as confused as you probably are right now.

Read the whole conversation below:

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He later shared an even more shocking update about the situation as it took a very serious turn:

According to TimesLive.com, Romeo has received a call from the lawyer and this is how that call apparently went:

Luckily it seems like Lance Romeo's income, reputation, and future employment will not be affected in any way!

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Main image courtesy of iStock/Artem Zakharov

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