7 year old shoots "dog interviews" to help dogs get adopted!

7 year old shoots "dog interviews" to help dogs get adopted!

Roman McConn, with the help of his awesome mom Jennifer,  is changing the lives of rescue dogs - one video at a time!

Roman's Rescue

The compassionate 7-year-old was 4 when he decided that instead of birthday presents, he wanted his friends and family to donate to the local animal shelters! 

He's now gone one step further by posting 'Dog Interviews' where he and his canine companion for the shoot, chat about all the things the new member of a family will need, covering everything from personality traits to disabilities! Advising the best route around them and what family would be best for the new furry companion!

So far Roman and his mom have found homes for over 650 pets and they are showing no signs of slowing down! 

Watch one of his videos here!

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Do you think we could make something like this work here in South Africa? 

If you have an adopted pet share the pictures with me! I'd love to meet them!

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