Ashton Nyte on lockdown and losing his dad

Ashton Nyte on lockdown and losing his dad

Few South African music artists can claim to be as prolific as Ashton Nyte. Now based in the US, the Port Elizabeth-born multi-instrumentalist has released seven albums under his own name.

Ashton Nyte
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He has also released nine albums with iconic SA band, The Awakening, and another as Ashton Nyte and the Accused. 

Ashton is one of the most talented and dedicated musicians you will meet, someone who is genuinely living his truth. I got to chat to him via Zoom about these incredible accomplishments, but also, about lockdown and losing his father.

You will enjoy the chat, laugh and cry with us, and be absolutely enthralled by his voice! 

Listen here: 

His latest album, 'Waiting for a Voice', is arguably his most personal and unique to date. The project is conceived as a dual release - an album and a book. It’s a definite collector’s item for fans, delivering a deeply personal insight into a genuinely diverse artist. 

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