Do men need to be romanced too?

Do men need to be romanced too?

Romance has always been "for women", flowers, chocolates, even Valentine's day are all geared towards spoiling a woman, but do men need some romance too? 

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Popular opinion will have us believe that men don't care about romance, that they don't need to be wined and dined as much as women do, but is this true? 

Website The Daily Monitor asked a few men and this is what they had to say.

Benjie There is something called a Love Language, each one of us has one. Some way that makes you feel loved-things that someone does for or with you that make you feel like they love you. For girls, I think it is kind of mixed up because they love presents, wines, flowers and quality time, all at ago. I think it is different with guys. I do not really care about presents, would not mind if I did not receive anything on my birthday. But, I love attention, I love to talk, to be with the person I love, to do things together. That is what is important to me. That for me is what being romantic is.

Andrew Men - we are far more stereotyped in mind than women. Therefore, our ideas regarding romance are more uniform. Even the strongest men need this grand passion- and we are made better by it, though we may not confess it. We like to be loved cheerfully. A gloomy passion bores us inexpressibly, no matter how loyal it may be. We like carefully, rather than badly, timed expressions of affection. We like to be loved in private but to be treated with dignity in public. Nearly all women are flattered and pleased if the man they adore expresses his love before the whole world. Men do not operate like this. I have found this to be very true even with the most dignified ladies.

Lee A man needs to feel appreciated as a man. Treating him to a romantic date will assure him that he is a stud. Being in a relationship for a long time can set in familiarity. Men appreciate a woman who remembers that he is still the man in her life.With time, this feeling tends to fade, and a reminder puts things into perspective.

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Both Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian spoil their husbands often, and sometimes even post the spoils on Instagram!

Do you spoil your husband? Husbands, what kind of romance do you need?

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