It's a Thing: The Cecil Hotel

It's a Thing: The Cecil Hotel

Is it really haunted? Is the hype around the hotel all just hype? What really happens when no one is looking?

The Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotel is a landmark building in downtown Los Angeles, California, with a very dark past.

There is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the strange things that have taken place within the rooms of the once popular hotel, with such a colourful past, it's no wonder Ryan Murphy based his haunted hotel Cortez in American Horror Story, Hotel on the Cecil Hotel. 

From vanishing to murders, suicides and ghosts, I couldn't imagine living across the rad from this looming, abandoned building.

Peet Montzingo doesn't have to imagine, he lives across the road from one of the most notorious buildings on the planet! With a Netflix documentary hyping it up even more, I got Peet on a Zoom to ask about what's really real, is it haunted? Does weird stuff happen? And, the answer, is one you shouldn't listen to in the dark! 

Listen to our chat here - but, be warned, it may creep you out!

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