Kindness will change the world. And you!
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Kindness will change the world. And you!

We all know that kindness will change the world, but did you know it can change your life and your health?

Love and Kindness

In a Ted X Talk, Mark Kelly tells us about how one small act of kindness changed his whole life. How it spread throughout his friends and his colleagues quickly changing the lives of everyone around him!  

But, did you know that kindness makes you look younger, reduce anxiety and lower your blood pressure?

These random acts of kindness can literally make you healthier! Don't believe me, watch the video here:

Watch: Change your future, right now!

If kindness is so good for us, why then are we so reluctant to treat each other with love? To give of our time and ourselves?

I dare you to go out this weekend and be kind to one person! And see how it changes your whole life!

WATCH: 5 minutes for the next 50 years of your life!

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