Man uses music to change the lives of kids in the Cape Flats

Man uses music to change the lives of kids in the Cape Flats

Mr Salie Davids has become a beacon of hope in the Cape Flats. 

Salie Davids
Salie Davids/ Instagram

Music is one of the best gifts given to mankind. 

One man, Mr Salie Davids, is using it to change the lives of hundreds of children affected by the crime in the Cape Flats. 

Talking to Beautiful News, Davids explained how he used his panel beating shop to train youngsters on musical instruments to get them off the street. 

This was first started by his son, Ashrudien, who began using the space to play his trombone in 2005. The sound of the instrument drew the attention of others in the area. 

As a result, many children started visiting his place to learn instruments such as trombone, saxophone, sousaphone, trumpet, bass drums, and snares. 

Today, there is a seven-piece jazz band that was birthed through the practice sessions held at his property.

They perform Goema music and play at different events. 

Davids said this is his way of taking kids off of the streets. 

“There’s gangsters and drug dealers. A lot of these kids don't even finish school,"  he told Beautiful News. 

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He added that poverty also plays a role in children in the Cape Flats dropping out of school and turning to drugs. 

 “Nine o’clock out of the house until late at night without a piece of bread,” he explained. 

After seeing the children suffer from hunger, Davids started to feed the youth a meal that he prepared with his wife. 

He told the publication that he is proud that his initiative has given young people in the area a second chance. 

“I’ve got school teachers out of this workshop, I’ve got electric engineers, a social development officer,” he said.  

“When they come in here they can be themselves,” he says. “They’re free,” he concluded. 

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