Martin Bester's secret clue to the secret sound!

Martin Bester's secret clue to the secret sound!

There's a R100,000 secret Sound on the line and Danny Painter wants you to win it! 

Martin Bester secret sound 1
Breakfast with Martin Bester

Every week she is going to do her best to get a new clue out of Martin Bester to help you get closer to that R100,000 Secret Sound

We know what all the wrong answers are, but perhaps we can get a little bit closer to the right one! 

Every Monday, Danny gives Martin a call to find out what's happening on Breakfast with Martin Bester and to try and get a BIG clue!

Secret Sound Ts & Cs

After all the formalities and talking Martin into creating an Instagram account for his dog, Ripley - Danny tried her hardest to get that clue! 

Have a listen to what he said here:

Think you know what it is? 

Make sure you enter by sending an SMS with the key word, 'Secret' + your name, + what you think the answer is to 37942. 


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