Meet the mouse who works for his keep

Meet the mouse who works for his keep

This might be the cutest video we have ever seen! It's bound to make you smile!


Mice get such a bad rap these days. They are met with shrieks, broomsticks, and a lot of dislike when they appear, but this little mouse might just change your mind! 

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In a garden shed in South Gloucester, England lives a little mouse who works for his keep! And there is a video to prove it!

Stephen Mckears, 72, noticed things moving in his shed in Severn Beach, South Gloucester a month ago. The pensioner noticed that things mysteriously moved around in his shed, neatly! Screws and plastic clips were moved from the work bench into plastic tubs. 

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Thinking he was losing his mind, he scattered his workbench with nuts and bolts and set up a camera to prove he was right! And you won't believe what he found! A tiny little mouse was tidying his shed in exchange for some bird seed and a place to stay!

How cute is this mouse? I could certainly use one!

Video courtesy of ITV News on Youtube. Image from

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