Artistic or Disturbing? Netflix viewers warn others about movie called 'Skins'

Artistic or Disturbing? Netflix viewers warn others about movie called 'Skins'

Originally released in 2017, 'Skins' has only now captured the attention of many unfortunate viewers, of which many have questioned the creative direction of this film.

SKINS / Youtube.

Movies have often reminded us that physical beauty is only superficial, but Spanish director Eduardo Casanova's debut film, 'Skins', makes the point in a distinctive and disturbing way.

To such an extent that Netflix viewers who watched the film started to question whether the film was artistic or just down right disturbing.

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Most art films tend to be a bit more extreme in their creative direction, but this Spanish film really pushed the boundaries.

So what is the film about:

"SKINS tells the story of misshapen people who force themselves to hide, stay under the radar or connect between them. SAMANTHA, who has her digestive system upside down, LAURA a girl born without eyes or ANA, a woman who has her face distorted. Lonely characters who are fighting to find their own place in a society which just understands regular body types, a society which outcast the people who are different."

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The film is currently streaming on Netflix and has an age restriction of 16+ (click here to watch the trailer). The graphic imaging does leave its mark after having watched the movie. This is what social media users had to say about the film:

Cover image: Youtube screengrab. 

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