Don't fall for the 'tap-tap' hijacking trick!

Don't fall for the 'tap-tap' hijacking trick!

Here's what to look out for to avoid this new hijacking trick. 

Attempted robbery / hijacking
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Hijackings are not a new thing and criminals never seem to run out of tricks. 

The latest one is called the 'tap-tap' method and they're using females to lure victims. 

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The ‘tap-tap’ method: Where a driver taps the back of your car in traffic. They often use female drivers as decoys. Never get out of your car on the scene to assess the damage, rather drive to a busy location.

Fidelity ADT shared tips on how to stay safe in the event of a hijacking. Here are some of the tips.

  • If you suspect you are being followed, put your indicator on and slow down at least two to three houses prior to your home. If you are being followed, you will force the vehicle behind you to pass and this could cause the criminals to lose interest.
  • If you need to stop in your driveway to manually open the gate, always leave the key in the ignition and the motor running unless you have a child in the car. Only then should you take the key with you as you open the gate.
  • Always make sure you can see the back wheels of the car in front of you when you stop in the traffic. This gives you enough room to maneuver and escape.
  • If you stay in a secure complex with security guards, do not be fooled into thinking you are safe. You can easily be followed into your complex so always remain vigilant.

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In the unfortunate event that you are hijacked, here's how to hand your car over in a non-threatening manner?

  • The first and golden rule is to not antagonise the hijackers who are probably more scared than you are. You need to show them you are not a threat.
  • Lift up your arms to show you have no weapon and will surrender. Use your left arm to undo your seatbelt and put your car in neutral.
  • Do not turn off your car, and remember to get out slowly.
  • Also, remember to protect your head with your arms and avoid direct eye contact with the hijackers but try to take in what they are wearing, the sound of their voices, etc.

WATCH | A video of a recent attempted hijacking sparked an outcry on social media. 

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